Blog Post 18: Reflection on Advertisements

There are definitely some significant differences when comparing political campaign ads versus commercials trying to sell you a product or idea. But then again, they have similar features as well. Political ads that are used to oppress other politicians or campaigners usually have some kind of derogatory slander. Not saying that that’s the rule, but it’s just an aggressive form of advertising. When trying to sell a product or idea, more theatrical and tutorial based elements are used to grab your attention and influence you to buy a product. In older political ads and new ones as well, the ads are essentially making the candidate seem like a spectacular individual in order for you to vote for them. This is common fact but it’s just a difference between figuratively selling a person and selling an item. I’ve had to focus more on the person and background evidence for the political ad I’m doing versus on the previous ads I did that were based on cosmopolitan products with plot lines and fancy angles and lighting to capture your attention. I’d say it was easier to write about those ads versus this political ad, but I’m searching for different elements now like red herrings and such. It’s just a different approach overall.


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