For Class Participation

3. Why does reflective writing help a student learn and develop as a better writer? How does it work?

Reflective writing brings to the writer’s eyes what he or she is truly writing. The writer will ask him or herself questions like “how has this affected me?” or “what could I have done different?” in order to clear up some possible issues in their writing. A writer will describe what they’re writing and then put their own personal meaning behind it. Once a writer has written something, they will often look back on it to find some sort of error in it or some way to improve it by reflecting on their own finished product. It helps a student develop into a better writer because a student will take a second look at what they have written instead of just hitting submit and blindly going along with their day. With reflective writing they can just analyze their words one last time to see if they could have reworded anything or added certain points to another side of an argument.


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