Blog Post 17: Thesis, Outline, Body

Within this ad, political candidate Ronald Reagan uses pathos laden images like the massive group of people waiting for the train with Reagan on it, fallacious arguments such as the red herring being that the phrase “Leadership that’s working” without any visual proof, as well as desperate appeals to kairos in the “Train” ad to convey the idea that he does not deserve my vote; this is especially because he does not provide enough evidence of his good works aside from basic facts that times are on the rise.


  1. Intro with thesis
  2. Summary and minor details of the ad, laden images
  3. Red herring of “Leadership that’s working”
  4. Kairos of the ad, segued from the red herring
  5. Facts about why the country is improving (why did the country stop working)
  6. How this affects the people’s influence
  7. Closing


The red herring behind the whole commercial is primarily at the end of the campaign ad. The phrase, “Leadership that’s working,” crosses the screen but there is no evidence provided about that in the ad. Granted, President Reagan as a political figure did do a lot of good; there is simply no evidence in this commercial. He is loved by the people that are in the ad, but that is barely any proof that he’s a leader. He could simply be seen as a celebrity or idol without further investigation of whom he is or what he’s done to serve our country.



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