Thesis and Intro Outline for Paper 3

Political candidate Ronald Reagan uses pathos laden images like the massive group of people waiting for the train with Reagan on it, fallacious arguments such as the red herring being that the phrase “Leadership that’s working” without any visual proof, as well as desperate appeals to kairos in the Train ad to convey the idea that he does not deserve my vote; however, especially because he does not provide enough evidence of his good works aside from basic facts that times are on the rise.


  1. This is the campaign between Reagan and Mondale.
  2. The name of the ad is Train and was broadcasted in 1984.
  3. Reagan was nicknamed “the Teflon president” for his ability to safely escape from setbacks.
  4. The economy was rising.
  5. Oil was low and interest rates were high.
  6. America was going back to work and being productive.



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