I believe that I’d like to write on a campaign ad by former president Ronald Reagan. The ad is excellent but the argument could possibly come from the last line I’m hoping. “Leadership that’s working” sounds great in general. The commercial itself is about people taking off work and kids leaving school early to see President Reagan pass by on a train. It’s supposed to be important of course because it’s the president. The ad says that times are improving in ways such as the economy is up, taxes and inflation are down, and Americans are working again. These are all uplifting facts and many people evidently in the advertisement want to give thanks to Reagan. I’m guessing this is Reagan’s second run ad because the ad mentions that he’s already the 40th president. The argument for the thesis though could be is it really Ronald Reagan who should be credited for the country turning around and being successful or what? The ad didn’t give any direct reasons why he’s a leader, just that he’s already the president and that he’s viable enough to be voted for again. Then that would lead into research about the actual president’s deeds done for the country and so on. I’m not entirely sure how you can counteract the argument though seeing that Reagan had a pretty good track record and all. But in relation to the ad you could always ponder on why people were thanking the former president. That could easily tie into why “leadership that’s working” was shown at the end of the advertisement. Perhaps the train is to help influence the people to vote for him because he’s revealing himself in a public form so that anyone who is able to be in whatever state the ad is mentioning can see him. Semi-personal occurrences like that can go a long way. l I’m kind of running out of ideas right now though. Maybe I need a different topic, I don’t know.



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