Post 13: Reading into Presidential Ads

In the presidential ad from 2004, President Bush looks like the upcoming hero. The ad initially opens with the year 2001 and the challenges that it faced such as the economic recession, a stock market in decline, and a busted dot com boom. What’s interesting about this is that it begins with what would be inevitably face but then the ad changes the tone to 9/11. With this tragic event, it made Bush’s position even more important because he was in the President’s seat for it. The text over the screen says, “A test for all Americans,” while relaying back patriotic images in the background. This is giving Bush more ethos once again because he was in charge during the event. Knowing that, voters are likely to vote for him again because he stood his ground during that frightening time. The ad closes with promise that America is turning around and rising to the challenge. But what challenge? The challenge to clean up 9/11? It’s unclear, but a vote for Bush is rising to the challenge to face something or other.


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