Post 12: Analyzing some scotch and some jeans

The Dewar’s Scotch commercial was a thing of cinematic beauty. It really was. The speaker’s voice and words were filled with a kind of vigor that made you want to go out and change your life which is highly influential and encouraging. The shots of the rockstar, the soccer players, the race car driver, the mechanic, the bull rider, and the horse chasers along with the speech in the background are telling you not to let your life go to waste. To do what makes you happy no matter what it takes, and if it doesn’t feel right to do what you’re doing at some given time or if it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do at all, don’t do it. Then at the very end of the commercial you see Dewar’s Scotch logo with a text “LIVE TRUE” across the screen. Sadly, this commercial is hardly suitable for any alcoholic substance really because it didn’t advertise alcohol in any way, it advertised doing what you loved without any images of alcohol in any example of protagonist. 


The Levi’s (sanitized) jeans commercial also held a lot of credibility for plot and cinematography. This speaker is also highly prominent and has a more “carpe diem” attitude in his speech. With shots of young adults and teenagers having active lives your mind is tuned into their brief snippets of life. Some examples being a bunch of people walking towards an outdoor event, a girl watching the sun rise, a guy operating a little boat on a lake, a crowd at a concert, people riding in vehicles with pretty backgrounds of the rising or setting sun, a late night couple against a wall, and so on. All of these shots have a similar impact like the scotch commercial except all of these shots have one thing in common: the jeans that everyone is wearing. Everybody in the commercial is wearing Levi’s jeans, meaning that with these jeans you will be able to take on the world basically, speech encouraging so, that is. The commercial ends with a shot of the words “GO FORTH” across an ocean and then the Levi’s jeans logo. It’s still a fairly weak advertisement with inspiring pathos but at least this one has the product physically in the commercial.  


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