Paper 2 idea?

I want to use two advertisements that are both technically cosmetology related. One being an advertisement for a cologne and the other being this airbrush makeup. I think what I want to do is explain who their target audiences are and how the elements of the commercial intrigue that audience to buy into the product being advertised. With the cinematic elements of the video adverts, they bring in several beautiful qualities and that’s what the eye loves to see.

The Hugo Boss ad features actor/musician Jared Leto who is walking like he is on a mission until he is stopped by several rows of red lights and says in the background, “Stopping won’t get you anywhere … Red means go … Hugo Red, the new fragrance for men.” Then all of the red lights shatter and he proceeds to walk through the wreckage of the lights and continues at his fast pace.

The Revlon commercial features actress Emma Stone who is holding onto some parchment of paper that blows away in the wind and she blissfully follows after it. She says in the background, “Light as air, your mood, your step, even your makeup.” She follows the paper and it lands on the ground beneath the foot of a gentleman’s leg. Then there’s examples of her putting on this airbrush foam makeup.


Hugo Boss:



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