TED Blog In General

Intro: The TED Blog is a remarkable resource of free and amazing information. TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design which is a proper explanation for what the blog is in general. This blog covers all sorts of topics coming from all different kinds of people with extraordinary ideas and interests. Nowadays the blog even expands on other things such as global issues, business, and science aside from the acronym’s definition. There are over a hundred speakers and over a thousand talks that these speakers do to provide understanding to anyone that is willing to learn with open minds.

Thesis: The TED Blog exists to inspire people around the world and encourages anyone and everyone who has an idea to communicate with one another about it so that knowledge can be spread and celebrated in an engaging way.


I)   Introduction

II)   Body

A) What TED is specifically

B) Audience

C) Specific talks to provide examples

D) History of TED

E) The community and spreading ideas

III)   Conclusion


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