Sleeping Patterns


This neuroscientist Russell Foster seems to be upon a pretty cool field of research. Sleep research and all. He claims that people with irregular sleeping patterns could possibly have some form of mental disorders. He says that people that don’t sleep solidly or in a proper way could possibly harbor much worse case scenarios than previously thought. I can beg to differ on some level seeing that I wake up every now and then from a dream or something, and I don’t really find that to be me having issues. Dreams are just weird/good/disturbing. Mr. Foster mentions that he tests on animals somehow with even their sleep patterns but I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to benefit us, I don’t know. But he was explaining how sleep is one of the most important things a human can do, which I agree with, because the neuroscience behind it is so informational. This article doesn’t mention dreams really, I kind of thought it would bring in that kind of topic somewhere but I didn’t catch it when I was reading through it. His experiments on humans seems cool though because he will provide a 20 minute clip or so of depressing events like funerals or deaths or whatever and then he will monitor his subject to see if they face any sleep deprivation and if so then what it means. Oh right the subjects are pre-exposed to sleep deprivation beforehand. So maybe what he’s really looking at is if it keeps the test subjects up later at night. Which makes sense. Things are sad. But what if things like that don’t bother you? I’m not really vulnerable to things like that unless it’s personal to me. Sad movies don’t phase me, for example, and I’m sure I’m not alone on that. He claims though that his results might help in assisting those with PTSD? If that’s true, then wow, he’s come a long way. I didn’t know it was entirely possible without proper medication. Come to think of it now, a lot of depressed people I know have highly irregular sleeping patterns, they wake up and feel miserable and then deprive themselves of sleep and then sleep for ridiculously long periods. Interesting. I’m sort of similar to this scientist in a silly aspect though, he says he believes that he’s pretty normal because he sleeps late and wakes up late which is basically what I do. This research seems pretty intriguing actually, A+ TED blog. This also made me think of inception for like two seconds.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Patterns

  1. Author:_____Taylor________________ Reader:___Anna___________________

    What blog is the author analyzing? Ted blog

    What point do you see the author making about that blog? Summarize it in your own words.
    That the author is trying to say that while the scientist maybe right, the scientist is also wrong. Taylor also things the study is interesting because of the topic of neuroscience.

    What do you find most interesting about what the author’s saying about the blog?
    I find most interesting that he says he may have the occasional sleepless night or waking up from a dream but nothing is wrong with him because of the waking up.

    What suggestions can you give the author to help her/him develop her/his thesis?
    Focus more on the scientist and the back ground of what happened and get information of what led up to this article.

    What do you think is the most useful/interesting evidence the author is using from her/his chosen artifacts?
    That the scientist used people who were already sleep deprived when they went into the study and how it affected them in the long run.

    How could she/he develop more effective evidence from her/his artifacts?
    get more background on the topic and learn a little more about it.

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